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8. Digitizing scanning apparatus
A digitizing scanning apparatus for scanning and recording an image in digital format for ultimate reproduction. The apparatus comprises a base and an upstanding tower structure. An outwardly extending arm on the upstanding tower structure carries at least one scanning element, such as a charged coupled device. A source of light is carried by another outwardly extending arm on the upstanding tower structure and is moveable with the scanning element so that there is a constant field of light on any portion of an image as it is being scanned. The apparatus utilizes a pair of horizontal support rods with a unique bearing structure such that a carriage that enables movement of the tower structure is essentially self-aligning and properly supported with a minimum amount of frictional effects. Moreover, the tower structure is removable from and connected to the base housing by merely inserting a neck of the tower structure into a pocket associated with the base housing. A unique circuit board arrangement is located within the tower and is capable of being automatically connected to contacts in the housing when the tower structure is inserted into the pocket. This enables easy and very rapid disassembly of the apparatus for purposes of storage and transport.


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